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A Glacier Audio Company

The Finest Home Audio Speaker.
At Any Price!

The 60-inch, custom-made, 0.5 mil ribbon is the most responsive ribbon driver available, rivaling the transparency and delicacy of the finest electrostats

One of the few home audio speakers able to reproduce live-concert sound levels and dynamics.

Got Bass!
The four, custom-made, free-air, long-throw, twelve inch, planar-dynamic-hybrid woofers move a lot of air. Incredible bass without a subwoofer!
(-3dB @ 17 HZ)

Unlike other planar designs, the ribbon & woofer topologies are equivalent, resulting in exceptional coherency.

Huge Soundstage!
At 66 inches tall, 1 inch thick and 33 inches wide, these planar dipoles are an impressive line source and produce a huge soundstage.

From the most delicate solo piano to the most intense heavy metal, no other speaker communicates the emotion of live performance better.

The panel is made from Corian® and is essentially non-resonant at audio frequencies. The drivers exhibit exceptionally low distortion.

Classic Beauty. Peerless Sound. Nothing looks or sounds like the new Gilmore Audio speaker. There are two models and many colors to choose from.

Manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Front View with Abraham Laboriel

Side View

Back View

We are now taking deposits for delivery of Model 2 and Model 3 speakers.

Lead time for color selection not in stock is about 1 month

Gilmore Audio is the new benchmark for price/performance in the audio industry.

We have substantially reduced our prices. And here’s why:

  1. We have become more efficient at making our speakers and we are passing the savings on to you.
  2. We are now exclusively factory direct — we sell directly to the customer from our factory, bypassing all middlemen, who traditionally add 40% to 50% to the cost of a product. Our home listening rooms receive only a modest commission. Orders placed through them are shipped directly to you from the factory. Of course, they do get to have the best sound money can buy, provided by us for free.
  • Model 2: was $12,950/pair
    now $6,000/pair
      Plus shipping and applicable sales tax
  • Model 3: was $9,950/pair
    now $4,000/pair
      Plus shipping and applicable sales tax

Gilmore Audio speakers come with a 3-year warranty. Purchasers also get free upgrades for three years. The Gilmore Audio speaker's unique design not only allows for distortion-free and accurate reproduction of source, but also for upgrades and repairs to be done easily by the customer in their home.

Panel Dimensions:

  • Model 2:  66" tall, 33" wide, 1" thick
  • Model 3:  44" tall, 28" wide, 5/8 " thick


  • Model 2: one 60" / ribbon. four 12"/woofers
  • Model 3: one 40" / ribbon. four 8"/woofers

Speaker Colors:
A wide variety of Corian colors are available

When you purchase any Gilmore Audio product, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Your products will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to you.

We have a number of dedicated Listening Rooms set up around the country, where you can enjoy the wonderful Gilmore Audio Products and complementary gear, such as the MSB Reference Platinum CD III and in a number of locations the SOTA Millennia turntable.

Please click here for a list of listening rooms in the USA.


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